Being a software developer for years, with a heart of enthusiasm, we decided to venture into agriculture and grow healthy and high quality fruits & vegetables. However, after a pest strike, we only manage to harvest less than hundred kilograms of product out of 15 tons of crop in our expectation. On that moment we can only look up at the sky and have a sigh, all the hard work result in huge capital lost… It’s ok! Let’s try again. Pest control, grass control, irrigation, everything we work extra for it. The second time of trying, our hard work has been rewarded with good production. The media was coming to our farm for an interview, we felt that we are not far from success.

Was working in our farm one fine day, our worker is working hard on spraying pesticides. I was talking to Danny about the farm management and inadvertently turned to look at our worker and said to Danny casually, ” our worker come in contact with so many pesticides, will it affect their life?” It was a simple question yet both of us was not able to give a affirmative answer to this. We started to reflect ourselves, our original intention of farming was to produce healthy, non-toxic fruits and vegetables. But ironically, we even hesitate to eat own grown vegetables as knowing the amount of pesticides we used.

On that moment, it seems that our journey had reach a junction; on our left, we ignore everything and continue the way we plant our crop, crop production will be secured. While on our right, we take a risk and make a change, everything remain as unknown. How should we do to make everyone feel at ease on the vegetables consumed daily? While struggling to make a decision, I happened to see my neighbor planting sweet potato leaves. Ahhh… the safest vegetable we can get is homegrown vegetables, why not we promote every household to plant their own vegetables? Hydroponics techniques that previously learned can come in handy, as hydroponics is easier to manage compare to planting on soil, and the success rate of planting is higher. If we proactively share the soil-less planting technique with more people, we can make more people able to eat healthy vegetables😊

In the junction that we encountered this time, the choice between money and health, we chose health. In addition to raise the awareness of the importance of planting our own vegetables, our own farm will later choose to use organic pesticides. Although the cost is higher, it is worthwhile to be able to produce healthy fruits and vegetables. For me success should not be measured by only money, being able to make people live healthier and better is the success that we trying to achieve.

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