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Archive for: April, 2018

We are aware of the problem of pesticide residues problem on the vegetables that we consume daily and therefore we are determined to renounce the use of pesticides. However, if we do not use pesticides, we are like giving up on planting vegetables. As a farmer, it is not an easy decision to stop using
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Being a software developer for years, with a heart of enthusiasm, we decided to venture into agriculture and grow healthy and high quality fruits & vegetables. However, after a pest strike, we only manage to harvest less than hundred kilograms of product out of 15 tons of crop in our expectation. On that moment we can only look up at the sky and have a sigh, all the hard work result in huge capital lost… It’s ok! Let’s try again. Pest control, grass control, irrigation, everything we work extra for it. The second time of trying, our hard work has been rewarded with good production. The media was coming to our farm for an interview, we felt that we are not far from success.

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